Spectating the Yamacraw 50k

Start Line

There is very limited parking space at the start line. We will need all the space we can get for our race day shuttle to unload participants at the start. Therefore we don’t recommend spectating at the start line.

Aid Stations

Besides the finish line, these are some of the best locations to see your runners and watch the race. All aid stations are located at road access points. Please be extremely cautious of runners at road crossings especially at the Yamacraw Bridge aid station.

  • Aid Station 1 (Yahoo Falls / Approx. mile 7) – Runners will cross Hwy 700 from Negro Creek Trail to the Yahoo Arch Trail. There are some pull-off spots for spectators to park.
  • Aid Station 2 (Alum Ford Campsite / Approx. mile 10) – This location has parking at and just below the campsite. There are also restrooms onsite.
  • Aid Station 3 (Yamacraw Bridge / Approx. mile 17) – There is parking located on both sides of the river close to the bridge. Runners will  cross the Yamacraw Bridge via KY-92 W) and rejoin the Sheltowee Trace Trail on the other side of the river.
  • Aid Station 4 (Bald Knob / Approx. mile 22.2) – There is limited parking at this aid station but some parking is available on the sides of the road.
  • Aid Station 5 (Knob-Hill Cemetery Rd / Approx. mile 27.3) – There is limited parking at this aid station but some space is available on Knob-Hill Cemetery Rd.

Finish Line (Blue Heron Mining)

By far the best place to enjoy race day festivities is at the finish at Blue Heron Mining. Blue Heron is an old abandoned mining community that has been “re-created” as an outdoor museum. Concessions, restrooms, and covered pavilions are on site. It’s a great location for photo ops as runners celebrate their finish crossing the old rail bridge converted to pedestrian bridge over 100 feet above the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River.  This is also the site of 10k race and all pre and post race activities.

Spectating the Yamacraw 10k

The Yamacraw 10k course is a loop trail. There are two fantastic locations to view the 10k race:

  1. Gorge Overlook Parking Area – Located off Mine 18 Road (Hwy 742) between the Blue Heron Campground and Blue Heron Mining Community, the Gorge Overlook overs spectacular views of the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River and sandstone bluffs towering above the river. Runners will pass this area on a paved walkway just down from the parking area. (Approx mile 2 of the course)
  2. Start/Finish (Blue Heron Mining) – For the same reasons mentioned above in the 50k description, the Blue Heron Mining Community offers spectators the best vantage to take in the Yamacraw 10k.

How to be a great spectator

“I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.”

  • Make noise to encourage the runners: cheer, clap, whistle, etc.
  • Identify with the runners. They are completing a very difficult task. Praise the runners individually. He or she will truly appreciate it.

Keep in mind

  • We are working with the park service to make food available throughout the day at the concession area located at the Blue Heron Mining Community (finish).
  • While the courses will be marked, these trails will still remain open to the public. To avoid crowding on the trails, we recommend watching the races from the designated areas mentioned above while the race is in progress.