Race Policies

Play Fair, Be Safe, Respect the Trails

The purpose of these policies is to ensure the run’s integrity as well as for the safety of all those involved. Violations of any rules or directives may be grounds for disqualification.

  1. Entry fees are non-refundable; race numbers and entries cannot be transferred to another year or person. No exceptions. This means once we have received your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate, or if the event is cancelled because of weather, natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances.
  2. All Yamacraw trail races are cup-free races. Each runner is responsible for bringing their own reusable cup or water bottle.
  3. There will be no unofficial runners.
  4. Each runner’s official run bib number must be worn prominently on the front of the body and must be easily visible at all times.
  5. Runners must check IN and OUT of each aid station. This is for the safety of the runners and volunteers.
  6. Runners must follow the marked trails at all times. Any runner departing from the official trail must return to the point of departure on foot before continuing.
  7. Any runner wishing to drop from the race must inform the nearest aid station captain.
  8. All cut-off times will be strictly enforced. Runners must be checked OUT of the aid station BEFORE the cut-off time.
  9. Littering of any kind is prohibited. Please respect the trails and the right of everyone to enjoy them.
  10. Runners must refrain from any act of bad sportsmanship.
  11. There will be no crewing/pacing of runners permitted during either race.

Switching Races:

You may switch between the events (50k – 20k – 10k) plus the difference in entry fee at the time of the switch. If you are already signed up for one race and want to switch to the other, you may do so by contacting ultranautrunning@gmail.com provided the race you are switching to has not reached its capacity. Please contact us before March 1st, 2018 if you plan to switch races. (Because orders for finisher’s medals have to be submitted in early March and medals for each distance are different, we can not guarantee a finisher’s medal if you switch races after March 1, 2018.) If you have already paid more than the current price of the event you are switching to, you will not receive a refund however you will owe no additional costs. If you have paid less than the current entry fee of the event you are switching to, you will owe the difference in what you have paid.