Yamacraw 25K

Date: Saturday May 22nd, 2021
Start Time: 8:30 AM


The Yamacraw 25K is a point-to-point trail race that begins at the Lick Creek Trail in Daniel Boone National Forest and ends at the Blue Heron Mining Community in Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area. The course shares approximately 7 miles with the Yamacraw 50k course. The 25K starts out quickly as runners race downhill towards the Big South Fork Cumberland River as it crisscrosses over Lick Creek multiple times. Along the way runners will be treated to magnificent singletrack trails and scenic landmarks that include stunning rock overhangs and waterfalls. Runners will cross Rock Creek, “A Kentucky Wild River”, some years by rope and other years by raft and cross the Grassy Fork Creek nearly a dozen times before climbing out to the second aid station. Then it’s two miles of country gravel road until you turn back into the woods on single track for 4.3 miles to Blue Heron for an iconic finish crossing over the river on a 100 foot high pedestrian bridge.

**There is a 5:30 hour cutoff time for the Yamacraw 25K

**Portions of the proceeds benefit the National Park Foundation  and National Forest Foundation.

Race Day Check-in and Shuttle

Since the 25K is a point-to-point course, runners will be shuttled from the race check-in at the Stearns Heritage Hall to the start (Lick Creek Trailhead). The shuttle will leave the Heritage Hall at at 8:10 am. Check-in will be at the Heritage Hall  from 6:30 to 8:00 am. A post race shuttle will be provided to runners from the race finish at Blue Heron to return runners to their vehicles in Stearns. All 25K participants are asked to park at the designated parking areas in Stearns adjacent to the Heritage Hall.


We will have unique awards for the top male and female finishers.
All 25K finishers will receive a finishers award.

By the numbers

Distance: 15.9 miles / 25K
Elevation Gain: 1,535 ft
Elevation Loss: -1,958 ft
Singletrack: 92% (13.4 miles)
Gravel roadway: 8% (2.5 miles)
Aid Station: 3

Course Map

Course Markings:

The course will be marked so that race participants should be able to see from each course marking to the next to help guide them along the course. Signage and/or volunteers will be strategically placed at locations that could be confusing to runners.  The course will be marked with course marking flags, tape, and signs to help keep race participants on course at all times.

Aid Stations:

There will be three fully stocked aid station located along the 25K course as well as aid provided at the finish. The aid station will be supplied with water, electrolyte drink, gels, snacks, first aid, and enthusiastic volunteers!

Mile 0.0: Start – Lick Creek (8:30 AM)
Mile 4.4: Yamacraw Bridge (Cut-Off Time: 10:05 AM/1:35 Hrs.)
Mile 8.7: Devils Knob (Cut-Off Time: 11:30 AM/3:00 Hrs.)
Mile 10.9: WATER ONLY – Wilson Ridge (Cut-Off Time: 12:15 PM/3:45 Hrs.)
Mile 15.9: Finish – Blue Heron (Cut-Off Time: 2:00 PM/5:30 Hrs.)

Notable Race Policies

The 50k, 25k, and 10k races are cup-free races. Each runner is responsible for bringing their own reusable cup or water bottle.
Cut-off times will be strictly enforced for the safety of the runners and the volunteers.
Runners must check into and out of each aid station. This is for the safety of the runners and volunteers.
Any runner wishing to drop from the race must inform the nearest aid station captain.
Runners must follow the marked trail at all times. Any runner departing from the official trail must return to the point of departure on foot before continuing.
There will be no crewing/pacing of runners permitted.

Visit the Race Policies page for a complete list of rules and policies.

Just a final note, while the course will be marked, these trails will still remain open to the public. Please be courteous to all park visitors.

Elevation Gain
Elevation Loss